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Adopt a Pet

Visit us to find the perfect pet for you.

Click here to see some adoptable pets.

The shelter is home to about 350 dogs and cats of different sizes, ages, temperaments, colors and shapes, each with a different personality and a lot of love to give.

Want a barker? We’ve got plenty. Want a mellow friend who prefers to relax? Stop by and meet them. Want a family-friendly pet? We have many happy friends ready to play fetch, explore and play with children, who will benefit greatly from life with a dog or cat. Want a sweet puppy or kitten? We’re the place for you.

Based on your lifestyle, schedule, and living arrangements, shelter staff will help you find the best fit. 


Things to consider before adopting:


> Your Schedule: Some animals require more attention and care than others. Puppies and kittens will require frequent feeding which may be difficult in the early weeks and months for those working full-time outside of the home. When adopting a dog, you may want to consider a dog walker for daytime help if you work long hours or will be away from the home, or speak with one of our staff members about how to help your dog feel comfortable with your daily routine.


> Your Lifestyle: Would a high-energy animal work best in your environment or an older or mellow pet? If you have children in the home and other pets or farm animals, please let our staff know when visiting.


> Indoor vs. Outdoor Living: Many shelter pets will be happy living outdoors, provided they have sturdy, comfortable, weather-resistent shelter, daily attention, access to frequent potty breaks, food/water and routine medical care. Others, based on previous living environments, size, or health concerns, require indoor living. 


> Travel: Who will look after the animal if you leave town for work or play?


> Finances: In addition to the initial adoption fee, animals require shelter, soft bedding, quality food (purchased or cooked), annual vaccinations and medical treatment as necessary. Be sure to consider these requirements when adopting. 


> Duration in Kampala: Many expats have transported their beloved pets abroad when leaving Uganda, but those unsure of their ability to do so may consider fostering or adopting a wonderful oolder animal looking to live out their few remaining years in the comfort of a kind and loving home.


You are welcome to visit the shelter at any time to speak with a team member and meet adoptable animals. To ensure the Manager will be on-site to approve adoptions and expedite the process, phone +256 789 369997 in advance. 

USPCA Adoption Policies:


The USPCA does not permit adopted animals to be used for breeding purposes. Animals will be spayed/neutered before being released for adoption, and those too young for surgery must be brought back for spay/neuter at a time determined in advance by the veterinarian. This is to support the animal's health and wellbeing and to further limit the Kampala dog and cat overpopulation issue.


The USPCA requires home visits, first before adoption to determine the suitability of the home environment, and soon after to ensure the animals are healthy, well-fed and properly looked after.


USPCA rescues are not to be kept in kennels or boxes for prolonged periods of time. Dogs kept outside must have access to a bathroom relief area, water and shade/sun at all times. Chaining dogs full-time is not humane nor permitted. 


The USPCA requires that all adopted animals receive annual medical vaccinations and proper de-worming and anti-flea/tick treatments.

Adoption Fees:


Adoption fees are donations that help offset the care, feeding and costs of the shelter pet's vaccinations and sterilization. (Note: Puppies and kittens adopted under 6 months are too young for sterilization surgery. The costs of their neuter/spay must be paid for separately by the guardian once the animal is old enough for surgery.)

We gladly accept any donations above the amounts listed below, as all fees directly support our work. We thank you for your generosity and support.

Adult Dog (fully vaccinated and sterilized): 125,000USH

Puppy (fully vaccinated, not yet sterilized): 95,000USH  


Adult Cat (fully vaccinated and sterilized): 80,000USH

Kitten (6 months and up, fully vaccinated and not yet sterilized): 50,000USH
Kitten (under 6 months, fully vaccinated and not yet sterilized): 30,000USH


Click here to see some adoptable pets.

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