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Foster a Pet

Provide a warm home environment while animals heal and decompress.

By fostering a pet, you can open your home and heart to animals who need extra care and thus help to free up space in the shelter.

Foster families (people who foster an animal) care for their furry friends as they would their own pet: providing food, shelter, companionship and exercise, also arranging for any pre-approved veterinary care.

We ask individuals who foster to help the animal find a happy, permanent home (by posting on expat Facebook groups, sharing in your own personal/professional network, etc.) with the support of the USPCA.

Pets ideal for fostering include moms with puppies/kittens, orphaned neonatal puppies/kittens, older adults, underweight pets, those nervous of living in the shelter environment and others recovering from basic, treatable illness (such as a small wound or stubborn cough). Shelter staff will help you find the best fit based on your experience with animals, schedule, desired level of care and living arrangements.

Want to support our work and open up your home to a furry friend but don’t know how long you’ll be in Uganda? Or simply want a quiet companion? Consider giving a senior dog the sanctuary of a peaceful home for the duration of your stay.

How the USPCA supports foster families and caretakers:

We greatly value our foster volunteers, and want to help them succeed and enjoy their experience in caring for some of Uganda's most vulnerable animals. 

Animals in foster care receive free on-site veterinary care at the Clinic, and are supported through a buddy system, whereby they are matched with one of the organization's more experienced foster parents. All critical information regarding the animal's unique care needs will be provided. The USPCA will support foster parents for the duration of the foster placement.

The USPCA requires home visits before fostering to determine the safety of the home environment, and periodically as needed to ensure the animals are healthy, well-fed, and properly looked after.


Foster testimonials:


"By fostering, I gave very young kittens a chance to survive as they needed extra space to recover from illness and regular bottle feeding. Once they were healthy and old enough, I used Facebook to find them good homes." - Lizzy


"I visited the shelter and asked if any dogs were underweight or stressed and needing foster care. I then brought home the sweetest girl who became healthy (she is now at a great weight) and happy and has now found her forever home. She was a joy to spend time with and her new family is very happy to have her." - Colleen

neonatal kitten.jpeg

A neonatal kitten in foster care

kitten foster.jpeg

A kitten in foster care waiting for her forever home

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