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Your time is invaluable.

The USPCA is greatly supported by its dedicated volunteers.​

Whether once, monthly, weekly or daily, we welcome help of all kinds, from direct animal care to administrative work to handyman support around the shelter. 

We ask that volunteers have a heart for animals and are willing to be transparent about their time commitments. 

Things to do at the shelter, depending on your background and level of commitment, include:

> Walking dogs

> Socializing dogs and puppies: Spend time cuddling and playing with puppies to stimulate their development and familiarize them with humans

> Socialize cats and kittens: Help enrich the lives of feline residents and familiarize them with kind humans

> Grooming: Brushing, bathing, etc.

> Animal welfare education for school groups and local communities

> Administration: Accounting, photography

> Fundraising

> Adoption events: Host an event to generate awareness for the USPCA and showcase adoptable pets

> Veterinary assistance: Certified veterinarians, vet technicians looking to support regularly or for special clinics (In the past, veterinarian groups have come for as little as 2 weeks or for longer: 4+ months)

If you would like to volunteer, please contact, +256 789 369997, +256 772 403789 or stop by the shelter. 

Volunteers join on the shelter's daily walks

Volunteers give clinic lights a fresh set of paint

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